This is really an amazing system. It allows us to have visibility into our entire supply chain with real time information. AMT has become essential in operating our business successfully and enables us to work more efficiently, concisely and productively. It is our one-stop, operational tool that allows us to run our business without wasting time, resources, or more importantly, money.


As we all know, any software is only as good as the support. I can honestly say that AMT’s support staff provides the most timely and helpful assistance on any issue we face. No matter what happens, whether we have a major or minor issue, AMT’s support staff is always there to help us quickly and efficiently resolve the issue. I can truly count on them to always be there for us.

Children’s Apparel Network, COO

We can now make more informed decisions by always knowing what each part of the business is doing. AMT provides real time information at the click of a button.

Orly Shoe Corporation, CFO

AMT provides us with an affordable and easy way to move into an enterprise-wide solution that seamlessly reflects business operations across all of our divisions and gives us a high level of control, efficiency and productivity. It is comforting to know we can lean on the AMT family for guidance whenever we need it.

The Moret Group, SVP Supply Chain

AMT is a robust package that’s scalable and easy-to-use. The increased efficiency of our company due to this purchase makes this system worth every dollar spent. The support we have received has been fantastic and extremely timely. Great business decision to get a product and support team like AMT.

United Legwear & Apparel, CIO

The professionals at AMT have been crucial to the success of our business. They stayed with the implementation until the system was implemented and in production. Then, the AMT staff continued to support and enhance the system after implementation and helped us find systematic solutions to operational challenges. Their knowledge of systems and of the entire manufacturing process has been invaluable in helping us to become efficient and grow the company.

Mad Engine, VP Operations and IT

The reporting and inquiry features in AMT are by far our favorite, as it provides numerous ways to view detailed data in real time. The number of reports and inquiries are truly extensive, and very helpful in streamlining our business. The best part is that it is all included for one price. We believe that it is essential to have access to reports that we need now, and also to reports that we may need LATER as we grow.

CSCO Apparel (Cherry Stix) / A-Basic, COO

We decided that with AMT’s strong industry expertise and advanced technology, it was the best fit for our company and offers the functionality that will help us get where we want to be. AMT helps us accelerate all core business processes—from purchasing to manufacturing, inventory, sales, customer service, and financial management—within one cohesive business management solution.

Bentex Group, COO

Implementation of any software is not easy on any staff. The learning curve for AMT is very small, which has helped our salesforce adapt and actually use the software in a timely manner. AMT is very easy to use and as for training and support, they were both terrific. The AMT team provided the best and most helpful training we ever had. We also want to highlight the support team, which is a thing we need most when utilizing any software application. I can honestly say that AMT has not only met, but surpassed my expectations in providing support for their application. It is timely and on-point, and the AMT support staff has saved our company many thousands of dollars by responding promptly to our demands.

Cutie Pie Baby, CFO

Over the years, AMT has played a huge role in how we run our business. We absolutely rely on AMT, and we couldn’t run our business without it. We say that AMT is like a reliable employee that’s always there and never quits. The software and the automated EDI capabilities were the main factors in our decision to choose AMT. The profit-based reports are also very useful in driving business decisions. As the application comes with over 550 canned reports across the manufacturing process, we now can manage the supply chain much more effectively and efficiently.

on them to always be there for us.

By Designs, COO

We reviewed many applications during our ERP search. All had some great features. The main reason we went with AMT is what their current users told us… ‘AMT has the best support and knowledge in the industry.’ That made our decision much easier. AMT’s support is excellent and second to none.

Romeo and Juliet Couture, CFO

Support is undoubtedly the most crucial issue when purchasing software. However, building a personal business relationship with the owners/executives of AMT is also invaluable. The AMT support staff and executive ownership is always available to support me and brainstorm the best solutions and best practices to support our growing business. AMT software has become a vital part for IML’s continued success and growth.

Isaac Morris Ltd, Director of Systems and Technology

My purchase of your ERP application has not only helped me streamline my entire operation, it also has helped me reduce my overhead!

Operations Manager, Large Apparel Company