AMT is a state-of the-art ERP Solution designed for the Import and Manufacturing industry. We specialize in supporting businesses in the Apparel, Accessories, Footwear and Home Goods trade.

For nearly two decades, AMT has been deeply committed to developing an innovative product and delivering “best in class” ERP at a reasonable cost. Through focus and dedication, we developed a quality software Solution that can be tailored to meet a clients’ individual needs. Our methodology includes proven processes that include a “whatever it takes” attitude, forward thinking and work ethic, ensuring that we consistently exceed our client’s expectations.

The AMT Team, with over 100 Years of experience in the Manufacturing and Technology industries, recognize the changes that are happening in the global business environment and the pace at which technology is moving to support these new landscapes. OBS on its part, keeps up to date of these demands by creating advanced infrastructures, using an extensive worldwide network of resources, and fostering the best (top-quality) talent to ensure that we always remain industry leaders.

AMT prides itself on its 24/7 “best-of-the-best” customer service, offering a team of knowledgeable professionals that exhibit both technology and business acumen. Leveraging our vast experience in Supply Chain and Technology industries we have built an innovative ERP solution that is cohesive, secure, scalable and reliable.

AMT has the power to easily integrate multiple functions across an enterprise allowing for flexible and effective process management. Customizable and seamlessly adaptable, AMT dynamic functionality lays the framework for improved collaboration, minimized downtime, reduction in cycle times and maximized efficiencies.